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Image courtesy of Dulux 

Alongside the Colour of the Year, the experts from Dulux identified four complementary colour palettes that can “sit comfortably” alongside Brave Ground, to make it easy to bring the colour into different spaces within the home or workspace. These palettes – Earth, Trust, Timeless and Expressive – will help homeowners create an environment where Brave Ground either stands strong or allows other colours to shine.

Let’s take a peek.

1/ Dulux Timeless palette

The Timeless palette is all about “recognising the value of the past and relevance for the future” says Creative Director of Dulux UK Marianne Shillingford. This colour palette includes warm shades of yellow, gold and red ochre and is balanced by natural and soft hues, such as Brave Ground. 

This palette creates a firm foundation for any furnishings – traditional or modern; and works well with artisanal crafts and natural materials.

2/ Dulux Expressive palette

Designed to ‘let your creativity flow’ the Expressive palette using Brave Ground as a base and incorporates accents of pink and red. A scheme suitable for a space where you want to get creative  such as a work-from-home spot or a bedroom; to make you feel upbeat and energised at the start of the day.

3/ Dulux Trust palette

Dulux ‘Trust’ is a go-to palette for creating a relaxing, laid-back scheme which works well for a contemporary kitchen, relaxed bedroom or a spa-like bathroom. A neutral palette with shades of soft greys and browns. Brave Ground is combined with the earthy colours of the Trust palette for a warm and welcoming feel. These tones work well with mid-century furniture and rich finishes, such as copper, marble and velvet.

4/ Dulux Earth palette

Last, the Earth palette is aimed to create a connection back to the natural world , with soft shades of blue and green.  Style up with natural wood, reclaimed furniture, shapely ceramics and indoor plants.