Written by Trend Bible // 15 July 2020

As we adjust to life post-pandemic, investing time and money in the things that bring us joy will have particular significance and celebrations big and small will become more thoughtful, considered and meaningful. Here, we take a look at another one of our 2020 trends, Come & Gather and explore how this has become even more apparent in the face of COVID-19.


This humble and wholesome trend is all about embracing and appreciating the small things and relishing in the season’s simple pleasures, an idea which has become especially important during our period of quarantine. As we grasp for some form of normality and routine, people have begun to form new daily rituals and even taken up new skills through crafting at home. Polar to the maximalist celebrations featured in part one, this trend caters for the more considered consumer, shifting away from materialism to instead focus on what’s important – family time and being together!

There’s a real sense of craftsmanship and a proud, handmade aesthetic running through this trend. Brands that tap into build your own models, DIY kits and ‘follow along’ tutorials will appeal to those looking to get creative as a family during the festive period. Already we are beginning to see brands flex to respond to this creative consumer, transforming their products into an enjoyable experience. Made Label offer clothing patterns and tutorials to inspire individuals to create and make their dream wardrobe and surface designer Katie Gillies offers a terrazzo kit and online workshops for anyone looking for a creative and calming at-home activity. Expect to see a bigger focus on handmade and craft across decoration and gifting as families use the festive period to unleash their creativity and create thoughtful family keepsakes that can be used year after year.

SF Girl, Terrain, Merrilee Liddiard, Straw London 

Another key design detail is the use of dried foliage, a trend we have seen continue to grow over the past year. Pampas grass, stripped back branches and dried palm leaves are key materials for this eco-friendly story. ‘Forever bouquets’ are becoming an increasingly desired home accessory. We expect to see this continue into the festive season, inspiring new updates for wreaths, tree toppers and garlands. The use of craft paper is also used to mimic the effect of dried grasses and is used for a more natural alternative to fringed decorations and accessories.