Bringing Spring indoors // 2020 Spring Trends

Bringing Spring indoors // With spring right around the corner, we are inspired by all things trendy this season. A fundamental interior design trend this spring is..

C O L O U R – with spring around the corner, get a head start on colours are what's trending for your living areas. 

Burnt orange // The first of the interior colour trends to have on your radar is rust. Burnt orange, warming copper and terracotta-tinted reds are all hues that you’d typically expect to see trending this Spring. 


SEA GREEN // This new decorating trend has kept a low profile until now. Sea green offers a breakaway from spring’s other nourishing colours. It brings spring’s vitality and freshness, in a way that only green can. But the true beauty of sea green is its ocean depths. It presents bottom-of-the-seabed greens as much as it does shimmering teals and watered-down soft aquamarine tones.

Modern Neutrals // is a colour story that begins with barely-there pinks – a base colour that tonally works well against rusted reds. From here, there’s an abundance of other new neutrals that show how pigmented shades are just as capable of being grounding, easy-going, backdrop colours as the classical neutrals of cream and soft grey.