#VersusColouroftheMonth - October

Make a bold and daring statement with our #VersusColouroftheMonth from our official Decorex Africa Colour Palette.

#MidnightBlack is an edgy hue associated with feelings of tranquillity and mindful living when used as a feature wall in the living areas or bedroom.

There’s a new neutral colour trend in town and we can't get enough of it!

#MidnightBlack stays true to the word natural and it's versatility extends beyond the norm. Deep black feature walls are the perfect design element for highlighting detailed window frames, mouldings and trims in your space. Pairing a stark white pressed ceiling against a canvas of black will bring out the intricate designs, making the room look sophisticated and expansive.

If you love this colour as much as we do, head on over to www.versuslifestyle.co.za and get your hands on

#MidnightBlack from our exclusive Decorex Africa Colour Palette.

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