You’re invited to reimagine this world

To adapt. To rethink. To redefine.



Reimagination is our most important tool as designers and visionaries

Imagination is our foundation. 

To build and grow, we need the courage to take-on present day issues to find new ways of living together – in Africa, and on our planet.

We need to audit the past and present, and design new systems and ways of being in order to redefine the possibilities of what could be.

In order to accelerate a better future, we need to plug in, play our part, be more inclusive, and stop making excuses.

Reimagination is the springboard into this fresh territory.

Join us.


Top left clockwise: Spiral Light Shade and Octopus Light Shade from Design Afrika, Muduziira ('warmth' in Shona) Floor Lamp made in collaboration with Wolkburg Casting Studios from The Urbanative, Aids Ribbon (2021) by Ben Orkin from WHATIFTHEWORLD Gallery, Clay bowl by Mandi Sandenbergh from Design Afrika, Still life for Flash Chair by Alex Coetzee for the Bluet Exhibition by KSSO Exhibition, Three-legged Oak Bar Stool in lime from James Mudge.

Top left clockwise: Persimmon slice fabric by Skinny La Minx, Woven Cacti from Moroccan Warehouse, Fabric triangle shape by Meeco Studio, Hardwood chair by James Mudge, Woven cushion from Design Afrika, Stacked Totem Side Tables from Design Afrika, Purple Rain table lamp by Joe Paine.

Black and White woven basket bowl from Design Afrika.