Are you inspired by designers who not only create but innovate? Do you know someone whose designs solve real problems, blending creativity with impact? This is your chance to spotlight their achievements.


Decorex is hosting a special celebration dedicated to recognizing designers who are making a significant difference through their innovative and resilient design solutions. Our theme for 2024 is "Designing for Impact," acknowledging that design is about more than just aesthetics; it's a powerful tool for change. It embodies an attitude of resourcefulness and resilience, reflecting a holistic and robust approach to problem-solving for our country and continent.

We're calling on YOU — our community and industry peers — to nominate candidates for the "Designing for Impact Achievement Celebration." Help us recognize those who are paving the way toward a better future with their resourceful and resilient design solutions.

Call for Public Nominations

We need YOU to nominate a visionary designer today>>

Why Nominate?

Your nomination supports and uplifts the hardworking spirits in our design community. It celebrates someone who goes beyond aesthetics, integrating practicality and sustainability into their creations. By highlighting exemplary work, you inspire others and drive innovation across our industry.

How to Nominate?

  1. Visit our nomination form here
  2. Fill in the details of your nominee, outlining why their work deserves recognition based on impact, innovation, and sustainability.
  3. Submit your form by 28 May 2024.


Let’s come together to celebrate the designers who are making a difference. Nominate today and make sure their contributions.  are recognised.


Nominate now: here

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