Drift into autumn 2023 with a palette of soothing pastels

As the rays of the sun temper and the air begins to chill, we turn to our homes and loved ones for comfort and warmth. For Autumn 2023, Plascon has captured this transitional period with Drift, a selection of decoratively diverse pastel hues that inspire peace, relaxation and joy.

Traditionally, Autumnal palettes tend to capture the changing natural landscape as leaves fall from the trees in hues of reds, oranges and yellows. Bringing its unique outlook to design trends, Plascon has instead selected colours that look inwards, highlighting the emotional and personal elements of seasonal change.

Evoking that deliciously hazy feeling between sleep and consciousness, this combination of pale neutrals and balmy pinks and blues was inspired by watercolour skyscapes, misty mornings, stark desert landscapes, blushed cheeks and plush bed linen. This emphasis on sleep and relaxation is in line with global trends towards rest and wellness in a post-pandemic society in which calm and peaceful colours will guide us through turbulent times.

Plascon has opted for a selection of uplifting pales that sets the scene for rest and relaxation. Evening Mist (1), an off-white hue reminiscent of sandy shores, is the ideal neutral background, while Divina (Y5-A1-4), a soft yet confident yellow, and Fragrant Days (Y6-C2-2), a cool beige, bring depth without being overpowering.

Variations of pink are the stars of the 2023 autumn palette, with Miami Pink (R5-B1-3) standing out as the brightest of them all - the warm, rosy hue with red and taupe undertones is reminiscent of the natural pinks found in rhubarb and radicchio, while the sleepy, dark Queen’s Rose (R3-D1-3) recalls velvety midnight skies. Downy Comfort (O2-B2-2) is the delicate pastel of freshly laundered bed linen.

In blues, Windstar (B4-B2-3) is a powdery shade of periwinkle and Blue Grace (B4-B2-1) a similar yet darker muted blue. Both shades capture the crisp blue skies that deepen as temperatures drop.

Much-needed respite arrives in the home with this unique selection of autumnal pastels.


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