Best Practice guidelines for designing your stand:

1. Goals

Set clear goals for your stand design, that connect with your overall marketing plan and what you hope to achieve from exhibiting.

Design Museum – Alan Fletcher 2006

Design Museum – Alan Fletcher 2006

3. Sustainability

It is crucial that you design sustainably, considering how you can minimize waste production and maximise adaptability and repurposing. - Serial-eater

4. Attract

Create a focal point that will attract visitors to your offering and engage them by creating an experience rather than too many visual products.

5. Flow

Make sure that your stand has an open flow that invites people in, don’t intimidate them from entering your stand by blocking the entrance, or over cluttering the stand.

6. ‘Phygital’

We encourage you to incorporate digital technology or a ‘phygital’ experience into your stand design. The power of phygital lies in its ability to allow audiences to have maximum involvement and immersion in your brand whilst being able to measure their interaction. Feel free to contact our creative team to discuss ways of achieving this.

7. Collaboration

Consider collaboration with other non-conflicting designers and suppliers in order to take your brand to the next level.

missdesignsays / DANISH PULSE 

Design Museum – Alan Fletcher 2006

2. Branding

Your stand branding and messaging should be powerful, clean and minimal - don’t shout, or over complicate it. - Serial-eater - Serial-eater

8. Note

All stands need to be painted or wallpapered.

9. Avoid The ‘Norm’

When thinking of how to display your product. Speak to our creative team on how we can assist to conceptualise a story-telling experience for your business that will not only attract visitors but elevate your brand as we reimagine together.


  1. No building outside of your stand. Keep out of the aisles.
  2. No pull-up banners are  allowed, or large brand heavy banners.
  3. No posters are allowed to be stuck up on the wall.

missdesignsays / DANISH PULSE