100% Chair

Take a seat and let’s examine the indispensable chair: an object of design that serves as a base for deeper design-related debate than you might imagine.

Our 100% Chair exhibit looks at the evolution of this often simple, always ubiquitous design staple in relation to concepts of ‘Good Design’, the zeitgeist of design, cultural influences and innovation.

Bahla Chair


Inspired by traditional Bahla pottery in Oman. The Bahla Chair is a Bofred design and part of our latest BASK collection. This sculptural feature chair is made from solid Ash and sealed with a black Monocoat oil finish.

450mm w X 500mm d X 950mm h


Poolhouse Chair


The Poolhouse Chair is a Bofred design and part of our latest Villa Collection, fully upholstered in custom fabric with a curved back and arm detail with black stained Okay onlays.

620mm w X 460mm d x 680mm h


Lucky Dining Chair

Haldane Martin

Lucky Chair - Simple bliss. Lucky chairs are full of positive, happy feels. The welcoming arms of a warm hug, the delight of a smile, the beauty of an architectural arch, the luck of a horseshoe. Visually calm, Lucky chairs have two main elements - buxom upholstery and clean arcs. The indulgently chubby seat and tubby upholstered arms offer sumptuous comfort & lumber support. The animated Lucky Chairs bring a sense of the sanguine to indoor-outdoor spaces offered in lavishly textured outdoor fabrics like Kirby Rock & Crevin Fiji. While the tidy powder coated frameless loop with a pleasantly rhythmic repetition of pure forms. Unencumbered arcs of stainless steel tubing merge with a contrastingly modernist, almost brutal, flat bar undercarriage and come in more than 20 powder coat colours with a luxuriously tactile ferro grain feel.

690mm w X 610mm d X 720mm h



Alberto Club Chair


The Alberto Club Chair is a Bofred design and part of our Clay Collection. This sculptural club chair is upholstered in custom fabric and has rounded armrests.

900mm w X 800mm d X 800mm h



Mùpǔ Flat-pack Cork Leather Lounge Chair

Mùpǔ Living Furniture

Use the Mùpǔ flat pack Cork Leather Lounge Chair to add some flair to your living space. The unique minimalist design’s retro feel makes it a definite statement piece. The crafted Birch plywood Single Lounge Chair offers superior comfort and stability. It comes with super-soft, high-density cushions. And the cushions have removable cork leather covers. The Mùpǔ flat pack Single Lounge Chair applied a cross dowel lock system in the flat pack design; the system gives extra strength to the furniture structure. Moreover, it is to ensure quick and easy assembly. A water-based clear sealer is applied on the surfaces; it provides a heat and water resistant surface. The sealer is an environmentally friendly product; it is VOC free, safe and non-toxic to handle.

680mm w X 860mm d X 690mm h


The Stella


The Stella, our newest design, a classic contemporary chair reimagined by Wunders. A timeless shape, with a bold pattern fabric, perched effortlessly atop turned black timber legs. Contrast between the shape and pattern, the pulled back quilt details, highlighting the local craftsmanship and the quality of the team behind the Wunders brand. Our company ethos of family and sustainability has been our anchor for many decades. Every last stitch on the upholstery done by hand - we believe in slow furniture, handmade in our Cape Town factory, with locally sourced materials, by our family of dedicated craftsmen and women. Wunders - making furniture that tells your story and lasts a lifetime.

650mm h X 900mm w X 900mm d



The Spindle Back Diner


The Spindle Back Diner, the genesis of the relationship between Houtlander and the Spindle. It’s our interpretation of the simplest and one of the most primitive ways to make a chair – round pegs in round holes. This is by no means a revolutionary new chair, in fact, the universal understanding of the design is what makes the Spindle Back Diner diner so prevalent. It’s a contemporary interpretation that manages to evoke nostalgia from people that have grown up with spindle furniture. The Spindle Back Diner is produced from sustainable, self-regenerative American White Oak. Houtlander has produced around 4000 of the Spindle Back Diner to date.

690mm w X 610mm d X 720mm h




The Wire Chair

Green Studio

The Wire Chair is the first complete prototype of a range in development since 2019. Intended to have a classic silhouette and lines with a contemporary flair. It is a sturdy, utilitarian piece that does not sacrifice comfort or elegance.

1000mm w X 980mm d X 800mm h



Casey Occasional Chair


The Casey occasional is a timeless essential that will instantly elevate any setting. Its classy form and delicate presence is a timeless experience.

440mm w X 500mm d x 840mm h


La Buvette

James Mudge Furniture Studio

When making a solid-wood chair, we employ the guiding principles of weight, strength and form. Using the highest levels of fine craftsmanship, with specific attention to detail on traditional jointing techniques, we have been able to transform minimal materials into a slender bistro-style chair. It is as lightweight as possible while still being strong enough to withstand the demands of a busy environment. La Buvette takes its name from the wine-bars, restaurants and cafés of Paris’ fine-dining arrondissements. In these close quarters, elegant design is mixed with a fast-paced approach to relaxation and sociability. The scooped back and upholstered seat of La Buvette will encourage comfort and repose as the night grows longer and the bars get fuller. As with most of our designs, La Buvette is available in a large variety of timbers and finishes as well as custom painted colours.

520mm w X 430mm d X 760mm h




More or Less the Same Stools

Ex Hotel

Just past the elevator, down the red velvet corridor, turn right at the hotel manager’s office on the third floor, you’ll find the room where the More or Less the Same Stools stay. They recently checked in at Ex Hotel and so far they seem to be the type of guests that extend their stay by a few days every time their check-out date approaches - hard to know how they afford it but that would be impolite to ask. They know the name of the doorman and are on first name terms with the room service staff, who they always tip a little too generously. In short, it seems like they are here to stay. Produced in American Ash with brass details these stools are…well, more or less the same as one another with only the small deviations in design that come about through hand-driven processes. They are sturdy and straight-forward, polite but with a wry smile. A bit like the kind of person you’d always thought would be good to introduce to your parents after a long series of love interests that were, uh, maybe not that good for you. Pull up a seat, it’s just a stool. No need to be afraid. 

360mm d X 360mm w X 460mm h





Just A Winsdor

Oliver Whyte

Just a Windsor is a project about imagination, based on the idea of taking something that you know or have seen before and then changing it to a point that is still recognisable but your brain isn’t quite sure if what it is seeing is right. Designer Ross Robertson used a second-hand Windsor chair and covered it in epoxy clay by hand, creating a squishy soft appearance to an otherwise hard chair. Classic meets modern.

390mm w X 450mm d X 860mm h






Graceful and understated with a subtle unpredictability - this piece has the potential to hold a space with its grace or work cohesively with others. We have taken KEEVA and wrapped her in leather. A solid Beech timber substructure that is carefully hand wrapped and stitched in leather, adding a little bit of softening. Choose your leather colour and even play with a suede and leather assemblage.

2060mm w X 525mm d X 845mm h




Dear Diary Daybed

Studio 19

The perfectly curved daybed invites you to lie down and relax in comfort. The simple form can uplift a space, giving it a new aesthetic.

1930mm w X 650mm d X 700mm h





Round Black Armchair


Plush and generously proportioned, the Round Back armchair is just right for receiving guests, reading, scrolling or a spot of streaming.

775mm w X 800mm d X 750mm h






Zig Zag

True Design

Designed by Gerrit Thomas Rietveld in 1934 and quickly deemed a design icon, the Zig Zag chair is one of the first examples of a cantilevered solid wood chair, formed by four flat pieces of wood joined in rhythmic sequence to create an extremely sophisticated appearance of instability.

430mm d X 740mm h X 370mm w 



M10 Chair

True Design

The gently enveloping shape of the M10 upholstered chair welcomes the body in a warm, comfortable embrace, lending a note of elegance and sophistication to a genuine masterpiece of furniture-making.

565mm w X 535mm d X 462mm h





The Happy Hamaca

Kipekee Studio

Our hammock chair was designed for comfort. It gives all the holiday feels we often miss in our day to day. Sip slowly on a cappuccino as you flow into your morning, whether it’s sitting beautifully and invitingly in your home, reception area, on the deck or in your office room. The Hamaca is a perfect combination of strong elegance and beauty with its straight lines, soft rounded edges, and unique design. It brings great comfort and vitality to your space.

1200mm d X 650mm w X 650mm h




Hannah Dining Chair

Studio 19

The Hannah Chair is made from steel tube framing, with a soft wrapped curved back and seat. Ideal for any dining room.

580mm w X 760mm h X 550mm d




Marq Signature Dining Chair

Landmarq Road

A designer furniture piece with Landmarq Road’s signature clean-lined aesthetic and meticulous attention to detail. The MARQ Dining Chair is a striking feature in any room, carefully constructed through the use of natural contrasting materials of steel and oak accents, that seamlessly blend together, creating focal points that not only provoke the senses but create visual delight.

600mm d X 600mm w X 770mm h