100% Transparency in collaboration with Conde Nast House & Garden

This exhibition is a conversation about literal and figurative transparency in design. It’s simultaneously a playful and serious attempt to engage honestly with the major questions facing the often-inaccessible industry and design community.  

Featuring a range of designs from small independents to large players, the intention is to highlight the power of transparency to open up the industry and propel us into the future.

David Brits

Sinusoidal Nebulous

Brits' sculptural work is the culmination of four years of vigorous material exploration and prototyping using advanced composite materials, such as carbon fiber together with innovative technologies such as 3D design and 3D printing. Such materials are generally used in automotive, marine and aeronautical industries, rendering them non-traditional within the conventions of fine arts. The iconic serpentine shapes within Brits’ sculptures are rooted in his family background as his grandfather was a prominent South African snake catcher and reptile expert. Without a starting or finishing point, and appearing arterial in spite of their solidity, the forms seem to writhe and flow in constant movement. The effect is a sense of the wild and methodical working in harmony and unison - a kinetic energy feeding itself.


Our Workshop

Heath Nash

The glass work shown here is from a visit to Nairobi in 2013 where Heath worked with Kitengela Hot Glass to experiment with the medium of recycled glass. At Our Workshop, our material choices are quite specific – we use materials often referred to as ‘waste’. But the way we see it, these materials are perfect for making upcycled products and installations. For example, by using post consumer plastic waste in Langa township (we collect, wash and then cut up old bottles) we are sharing this technique and our belief system with the broader public in the area including the local kids. In this way we are leading by example and changing minds slowly but surely.


Matthew Dasneves

Caulk Vase

A caulking gun is then used to lay beads of rubber sealant traditionally used in construction onto the polystyrene. The caulked sealant is both functional and decorative. Structurally the sealant creates a strong, flexible coating for the polystyrene transforming the chairs into durable furniture and secondly the act of caulking sealant adds a decorative dimension creating a richly textured surface pattern where every movement of the caulk gun is made visible like brushstrokes in a painting.



The Galaxy bowls are first hand blown and then mirrored with a process that allows for transparency to remain when viewed with light behind the bowl. This combination of different artisan glass processes allows for a layering to occur and each bowl is completely unique.


Dokter and Misses

The Hourglass by Dokter and Misses are produced in two shapes: Bubbles and Still. Each double-sided, recycled glass vessel is unique and is hand-blown by expert glassblowers at Ngwenya Glass, Eswatini. Neither up nor down, they have a dual functionality depending on the whim of the drinker

Ring Vase

Dokter and Misses

An arrangement within an arrangement. The Ring Vases are made from individual glass tubes and work equally well full of blooms, or with only a single stem. Available in two shapes: O and C

Moonjelly Light Sculpture

Dokter and Misses

A collection of otherworldly light objects that blur the line between sculpture and function. The range includes standing lamps and pendant options where no two glass shapes are the same as each recycled glass orb is draped over steel structures in Dali-esque melting manner. Manufactured in Johannesburg and Ngwenya Glass, Eswatini.


Studio August

OFF-CUT is a series of candle holders made from a variety of salvaged materials with the intention to create compelling juxtapositions and sculptural forms. Each piece is unique. Glass Spring and Glass Lift were created from one antique glass candle holder that broke in two. The top half of the glass candle holder is combined with a polished aluminum round bar and a black steel base where the aluminum tube can be adjusted up or down, creating a mixture of decadent ornament and industrial functionality. And for Glass Spring, the glass base was combined with an industrial spring into which the candle screws. The spring is cut to a length that allows just enough movement for the candle to sway in a quirky and slightly provocative fashion.


Roche Bobois

Dusk and Dawn Flutes

The centuries-old craftsmanship of Murano glassblowing comes to life in these elegant and slender objects.

Victoria Vase

Vanessa Mitrani Vase “Victoria”: Vase in blown glass, bronze and ammonite.


Mema Designs

The Shield

The Shield by Mema is a new sculptural lighting solution which uses only three elements to create a magical transparent sculpture. The first element is an aluminum textile panel (using materials developed by our company). The second element is a custom developed Gu10 spot pendant, and the third element is a simple wire mechanism which allows the first two elements to sit in relationship to each other. The design is playful, elegant and visually inspired by the wood carvings of Cecile Skotnes.


Oculus Series, Copper and Larimar

Water Dixon is a collaborative art and design studio. Founded by Caitlin Warther and Wendy Dixon in 2018, the duo specialize in mirror and light based installations and sculpture. They have exhibited work at the Zeitz Mocaa Museum, Nirox Foundation and the Spier Light Art Festival in South Africa. In 2019, the duo traveled to Shanghai with the KT Wong Foundation to create set-sculptures for a staging of Handel’s opera Semele. Water Dixon has held two solo exhibitions at the Everard Read Gallery and are proud to be represented by them currently. The duo enjoy working collaboratively with interior designers, architects and brands on material, object and immersive environment design.

Oculus series.

Oculus - Copper 400mm d Oculus - Larimar 600mm d


The Serena, The Julia and The Alice Vases

Casa LV

Every piece is expertly hand-crafted, and no two are the same: Each is a work of entirely bespoke art. The color of the glass varies according to the shape of its design, and our pieces are solid and heavy – adding another layer of luxury and permanence to their form.

Sizes are variable


David Reade Glass Collection

David Reade Glass Art - Hand Blown Since 1977

With Master glass blower David Reade at the helm, our studio creates  original collections of sculpted, cut and polished, free form and faceted glass items, all hand crafted to be functional pieces of art.


Edge Glass Gallery

Edge Glass Gallery

Fused and slumped glass, inspired by intricately woven fabric with subtle pattern-shifts.

290mm h X 30mm w

Molten Moments, by Nelius Britz

Edge Glass Gallery

Kiln-cast glass, inspired by the geometrics of architecture.

220mm h X 250mm w X 180mm d

Mountain, by Nelius Britz

Edge Glass Gallery

Kiln-cast glass inspired by a mountain’s silhouette.

200mm w X 120mm d X 280mm h

Glass Boa, by Abraham le Roux

Edge Glass Gallery

Fused and slumped glass.

300mm d


Edge Glass Gallery