Are you passionate about Circular Design, and currently working to reimagine the way we create, use, and reuse? Whether you're based in South Africa, somewhere else in Africa, or anywhere around the globe, we’d love to work with you.

We're curating a pioneering exhibition on Circular Design, which will be launched at Decorex in Cape Town on 3 June, followed by an appearance at 100% Design in Johannesburg on 1 August.

Image Credit: WL_Bathandwa_Emmarentia_2023

Image Credit: WL_Bathandwa_Emmarentia_2023

Image Credit: WL_Bathandwa_Emmarentia_2023

Designing Tomorrow: A Circular Future

This exhibition is dedicated to creating a sustainable future through the lens of circular design. This engaging and informative showcase aims to educate and inspire visitors by providing actionable knowledge and demonstrating how circularity principles can be integrated into everyday life. The exhibition features a range of innovative design concepts and solutions, highlighting the importance and practicality of sustainable practices. Through interactive displays, hands-on workshops, and real-world examples, it empowers visitors to make informed, eco-friendly choices, sparking a transformative journey towards a more sustainable, circular future.

We're looking for:

  •  Material samples that embody circular design principles
  • Information and research that enlightens and educates
  • Expertise from those at the forefront of circular design
  • Sponsorship to bring this visionary exhibition to life

Exhibition Layout:

The exhibition will be organized into thematic zones, each focusing on a specific aspect of circular design.

Zone 1: Introduction to Circular Design (Central Area)

Overview of circular economy principles.

Definition of key terms (reuse, recycle, upcycle).

Interactive displays explaining the importance of circularity.


Zone 2: Circular Materials and Manufacturing

Showcase innovative materials made from recycled or sustainable sources.

Demonstrations of sustainable manufacturing processes.

Information on how to source and use circular materials.

Zone 3: Circular Product Design

Displays of products designed for longevity and easy disassembly.

Information on repairing and extending product lifecycles.

Examples of circular design in everyday objects.

Zone 4: Circular Fashion and Textiles

Exhibits featuring sustainable clothing and textiles.

Information on ethical fashion choices and textile recycling.

Tips for building a circular wardrobe.


Zone 5: Circular Architecture and Construction

Architectural models showcasing eco-friendly and modular building designs.

Information on sustainable construction materials and practices.

Guidelines for creating circular homes and structures.


Sponsorship Opportunities

Headline Sponsor

  •  Exclusive branding opportunities (e.g., naming rights to the exhibition).
  • Prominent logo placement on all marketing materials, posters, and digital ads.
  • Dedicated space or a branded interactive installation within the exhibition.
  • Opportunities for keynote speaking slots or panel participation in the space
  • VIP access to the exhibition and special events.

Supporting Sponsorship

  • Name recognition at the exhibition and on the website.
  • Acknowledgment in the exhibition’s public announcements and social media posts.
  • Access to general exhibition events.

Custom Sponsorship Packages:

  • Tailored packages can be designed to meet the unique needs and interests of the sponsor. This could include sponsoring specific interactive elements, educational programs, or sustainable practices within the exhibition (like recycling or energy efficiency initiatives).

In-Kind Sponsorships

Printing and Construction
Collaboration with companies specialising in eco-friendly printing and sustainable construction materials. These companies can provide services and materials for the physical setup of the exhibition, including environmentally friendly printing for promotional materials, signage, and informational pamphlets, as well as sustainable materials for constructing exhibit stands and displays. This sponsorship can enhance the exhibition's commitment to sustainability, ensuring that all physical elements align with the event's environmental ethos.

Collaboration with universities and educational institutions specialising in sustainability, environmental science, and design. These institutions can provide academic expertise, guest speakers for workshops, and research exhibits.

Companies specialising in interactive technology and digital displays can provide the technology needed for interactive exhibits, enhancing the visitor experience.

Organisations can sponsor workshops focused on practical applications of circular design principles, such as DIY sustainable home projects, upcycling, or eco-friendly product design.

Merchandise and Retail
Sustainable brands and retailers can sponsor or provide eco-friendly merchandise, like reusable bags, water bottles, or clothing, made from sustainable materials.

Whether you're an artist, a designer, a researcher, or a business innovator, if you have something to contribute that can help shape the future of design, we want to hear from you.

Here's how you can be a part of this transformative event:

  •  Reach out to us with a brief description of what you'd like to contribute. You can email [email protected]
  • Share your insights, materials, or sponsorship proposals.

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