The relationship between Decorex and the Kitchen Specialists Association (KSA) goes back as long as one can remember.   With kitchens being one of the most important rooms in the home the synergy between Decorex and the SA kitchen industries only association is obvious.  Decorex and KSA have collaborated in many ways over the years, but never on such a scale as we are doing in 2022. 

‘We have always been supporters of Decorex’s kitchen focused projects ‘says Stephanie Forbes – KSA National Manager.  ‘After a two year hiatus – thanks to COVID – it seemed like the perfect time for us as an association to try and give our own unique twist to this project’.  ‘After reaching out to our Supplier members we managed to put together a dynamic team of eight companies willing to take the risk on the project and support the return of Decorex and it’s new reimagined trade show.

The KSA kitchen trend project was imagined around bringing members of the association together to collaborate and showcase the best of South African kitchen design.  The KSA challenged the project’s kitchen partners to not only showcase interesting material combinations but to also showcase a focus on laminates and melamine’s.

‘The South African market still associates melamine’s and laminates with that old 1970’s feel.  The truth is that the manufacturing of melamine’s and laminates has come a very long way.  These products are not only durable and easy to maintain, but developments in printing makes them hyper realistic with woodgrains being hard to differentiate from a veneer.’  ‘We wanted to show the public that a high-end, sophisticated look could be readily obtained by shrugging off our age old ideas about these materials and having an open mind about material selection.’  ‘Kitchen design in Europe has once again embraced melamine and laminate to offer a high end aesthetic to consumers that is easily maintained, aesthetically pleasing and cost effective.’

Project sponsors PG Bison and Sonae Arauca are championing the melamine products in the project.  PG Bison are focused on their new ultra matt ranges which give a viable, and more cost effective solution to the new, very popular matt finish.  Sonae Arauco are excited to showcase their new Innovus Spirit range of melamines.  For both PG Bison and Sonae Arauco it is important to focus on the smallest detail.  Carcass colour is that small detail.  Both companies feel strongly that the days of the old white melamine carcass are gone in the modern kitchen.  Colour and texture inside the cupboard add a full spectrum sophistication to a design and ensure the kitchen becomes a three hundreds and sixty degree design solution. 

Both Max on Top and Salvocorp are know for the high pressure laminate (HPL) finishes.  These highly sophisticated finishes have great traction internationally and it is exciting to see them being fully embraced in this project for kitchen units as well as cladding and work surfacing.  The diversity of an HPL will truly be showcased.  Both companies will also be showcasing their solid surfacing solutions as well.  Solid surfacing is one of the largest countertop solutions in the Americas, Australia and New Zealand and yet it has yet to take a strong foot hold in the SA kitchen market, despite being one of the forerunners in commercial surfacing solutions.  We are excited to see solid surfacing showcased as part of this project and hope that consumers will embrace its versatility and adaptability.  Salvocorp will also be showcasing their newest acquisition – Vicostone – a reputed quartz surfacing solution. 

To showcase the true function and ergonomics of a good kitchen the project has teamed with Blum and Grass who have collaborated with each kitchen designer to showcase the latest in hardware technology.  Both Grass and Blum wish to wish to showcase how important good hardware choices are to a kitchen’s longevity and functionality.  Both suppliers are looking forward to consumers having the opportunity to ‘test drive’ their product at the show and for them to see just how important hardware is to a kitchen renovation.

Franke, a sponsor of the Decorex kitchen trend project in the past, has joined this dynamic team of sponsors to showcase their sinks and taps.  A big focus will be on their Fragranite range of sink.  This beautiful range of sinks is made from a combination of granite dust and particles, and resin.  It allows a sink to be more than just functions.  It becomes a feature.

Last but certainly not least is sponsor Granite Project.  This stone fabrication concern from Cape Town if a go getter in the industry always looking to set and enhance trends.  Their new showrooms in Brackengate Park confirm this.  Shawn Pretorius, MD of Grantie Projects, is proud to facilitate any showcase that highlights stone products in the kitchen and working with other fellow KSA suppliers with a focus to combining various surfacing solutions is particularly exciting for him.

The finished kitchens will be on view at Decorex 2022 at the CTICC from 16-19 June.  Viewing these trend forward designs is a must for any consumer planning a new kitchen in the next two years.  Not only will you be able to consult with representative of the project’s four kitchen companies  - D5 Artisans, Easylife Kitchens, Signature Group and Homewood Kitchens, but experts from all the suppliers will be available for consultation on the KSA stand during the show.

For more information on the KSA and this exciting project visit www.ksa.co.za or email [email protected].