In our continued commitment to creating a sustainable future, Decorex Africa is proud to announce the introduction of a mandatory Sustainability Audit for all exhibitors and suppliers participating in our 2024 exhibition. This initiative is not aimed at penalising our partners in any way, but rather at gathering essential data to establish a baseline for our collective sustainability efforts.

Why a Sustainability Audit?

Understanding where we stand is the first step toward improvement. The Sustainability Audit serves as a pivotal tool in drawing a line in the sand, allowing us to benchmark our current practices against future achievements. It's an opportunity to reflect, assess, and plan for a greener future, together.

Your Role in Shaping the Future

The audit comprises straightforward questions designed to evaluate the sustainability level within our exhibition and the broader industry. We urge all participants to approach this survey with honesty and openness. Your genuine responses are crucial in helping us create a detailed roadmap for improvement.

Looking Ahead: The 2024 Sustainability Award

In recognition of the efforts and advancements in sustainable practices, Decorex Africa will introduce a Sustainability Award in 2024. This accolade will honor the contributions based on the insights garnered from the audit responses, celebrating those who lead by example in the quest for sustainability.

Together, We Can Make a Difference

This audit represents more than just a regulatory requirement; it embodies our collective aspiration for a sustainable future. By participating, you're not only complying with a mandate but also contributing to a movement that aims to inspire and effect real change within the industry.

Your input today lays the foundation for a greener, more responsible Decorex Africa tomorrow.


Please complete the survey here

The survey should take an average of 12 min.

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