Empowering Creators In The Digital Realm. 

There’s a principle called amara’s law that’s worth bearing In mind when considering any digital trend. It’s a simple one, and states that we tend to overestimate the effect of new technology in the short run, and underestimate it in the long run. As soon as any new platform or possibility emerges, there’s A rush to apply it to everything and anything, but it we have to Wait for the initial hype to burn away to see what’s left.

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) fall into this space right now. Even though the first one was created in around 2014, they only properly entered mainstream consciousness in 2020.

The idea of owning digital assets had been simmering for a while already, but this three letter initialism seems to have been the mass tipping point – especially now that it is being applied to virtual property.

Each partner has unique skills that speak to future thought and fearless optimism. Kokona Ribane is the Chief Curator and resident sunbeam. He is a multi-disciplinary artist that thrives on changing the African narrative. The rest of the team is spearheaded by Steve Tanchel and flanked by tech guru Dev Jacobson, Chief Creative Officer Zele Angelides, Chief Business Officer Michael Saloman and Adam Trope our Chief Operating Officer.

Their mission is to empower creators, specifically African creators and by creators they mean…Lulama Wolf, Mark Modimola, Snalo Ngcaba, Nix Nikiwe, Nandipha Mntambo, Naledi-Modupi, Seth Pimentel, Travys Owen. Through their partnerships with companies such as Samsung & Investec, are powering a new medium for African creators.

USURPA live and breathe African optimism and the power of African creativity, which will result in a product that is not only unique but truly beautiful. In their pursuit of unearthing the very best African creators, they enable them by giving them access to the might of Web 3.0 and the technology that will realise their potential for their works on a global scale. Such is the might of Digital Art.

USURPA collaborated with 100% Design Africa and presented a phenomial showcase at Decorex Africa 2022, which was fully sponsored by both 100% Design Africa and SAMSUNG as the exclusive tech partner.

USURPA’s gallery, currently being constructed, is the first of its kind in Africa. A showcase of the works combined with the theatre of the Artists working on this new Medium. The Johannesburg Gallery will be replicated by creating DIGITAL ART LABS throughout Africa.

Digital Art allows for a very rich and immersive experience that combines the virtues of static art, animation and 3D modelling. Their curatorial team has already been part of unearthing this potential and for the Investec Cape Town Art Fair was able to unveil works that were not just exceptional in the African context but at a word class level.

Their mantra is that the Art comes first and whilst innovation can be overwhelming, it is important to understand the current zeitgeist. To move forward we need to embrace our past and reimagine it in the New Medium.