YOUNG GAUTENG In association with the Gauteng Tourism Authority

Young Gauteng shines a light on 5 creative talents from the province who show great promise for contributing to the future design narrative in South Africa, aligning with 100% Design Africa’s vision to grow the country’s design industry.

Zenhlanhla Myeni, Naba Abolova


Naba Abolova (formally Lovarism) aren’t just photographers, we are so much more than that, so it’s hard to explain when we really started. We realized there’s so little content online that black people can relate to. The lower class is always shown as hungry and poor. At some point, we all realised that we needed to change the narrative. We are inspired by our regular lives, the joy and happiness we see on a daily basis. The love from the community. We are inspired by our peers and the youth of the townships that are working hard to be the first generation to have wealth within their families.

Left to Right: siyaba ngena, one day sizo popa one day sizo pop, a mothers lova, siya nqoba, all we want is money, love a lova.

Nandipha Yanta, Nyon Art


What is Radical Self-Care? “Caring for myself is not an act of self-indulgence. It is self-preservation and that is an act of political warfare,” - Audre Lorde. Radical self-care is a political act involving what one would choose to direct their energy towards to feel a sense of  fulfillment, whether physical, mental or spiritual. It is about Black women being one with their bodies, and being comfortable in their skin. From being subjected to hypersexualisation, exclusion, and erasure from many spaces to being deemed grotesque - Black women have found ways to channel their energy into artistic practices, healing from trauma, and finding ways to love themselves.

 Left Side: Ropafadzo | 769mm w X 1012mm h | Oil and Acrylic on canvas.

 Right Side: Mbalenhle II | 914mm w X 1215mm h | Oil and Acrylic on canvas

Thepo Masilo

Brand Designer and Illustrator

My name is Tshepomas, and although I consider myself to be creative and a deep thinker, my friends just refer to me as easy going. African narratives are primarily depicted and told in my work. My main objective with African Storytelling is to challenge the status quo.

From top left : Basotho 297mm w X 420mm l Digital Illustration. The African Drip Culture 297mm w X 420mm l Digital Illustration. Ricky Rick Tribute Illustration 297mm w X 420mm l Digital Illustration. The African Drip Culture 297mm w X 420mm l Digital Illustration. Black Coffee Tribute Illustration 297mm w X 420mm l Digital Illustration. Nelson Mandela Tribute 297mm w X 420mm l Digital Illustration. The Power of Black Creativity 297mm w X 420mm l Digital Illustration. Youth Day Illustration 297mm w X 420mm l Digital Illustration. Black & Beautiful 297mm w X 420mm l Digital Illustration. Basotho 297mm w X 420mm l Digital Illustration. Township Economy 297mm w X 420mm l Digital Illustration. 

Lindiwe Gugushe, Bōpa Mmuso

Product and Graphic Designer

I am a Creative Director for Bōpa Mmuso. Bōpa Mmuso is a sesotho phrase for “Creative Kingdom” and the logo is inspired by the Adinkra symbol of OSIADAN NYAME, which stands for “God the builder”. The symbol represents the power and strength of the creator to erect, furnish, and prepare us to be ready to reflect His image (Adinkrabrand,2020). I  started exploring furniture design in 2019, and when the pandemic hit, I decided to take things into my own hands by upskilling in furniture design and carpentry. 

From top left: Semela Couch 420mm w X 594mm h Print. Willi Bench 420mm w X 594mm h Print. Mefuta Desk 420mm w X 594mm h Print. Semela Couch 420mm w X 594mm h Print. Willi Bench 420mm w X 594mm h Print. Mefuta Desk 420mm w X 594mm h Print. 

Kutlwano Angela Monyai


I come from a place where most people strongly believe in ancestral bondage, that is what has been the driving factor in my work hence I dig up and unpack the history of where I and the generations before me come from and how they lived in spiritual circles. The use of fabrics is an emphasis to the cultural bond and is used as a symbol for abstract indigenous and contemporary identities. The collection displayed is titled ‘The Science of Art.’

Left to Right: Becoming, Becoming II Table Display: Prayer Before We Eat