Design Principles

Creating design for a new world means creating an environment that feels as fresh as it is familiar, including certainty alongside surprise. These principles will guide Decorex Africa’s design towards a place where inclusion, sustainability and excitement co-exist symbiotically.

  • Simple, hyper-efficient, confident and boldly executed
  • Materials are practical, circular, tactile and durable
  • The language of hygiene and safety is here to stay, bright and bold
  • Foreground sustainability in all decisions
  • Create a system of standardised, modular components that can be adapted to different locations
  • Make space for expressions of individual agency, and community engagement
  • Promote participation and social integration
  • Design inclusively
  • Design for low-cost maintenance and hygiene
  • Create elements of surprise, and certainty
  • Design for efficient flow of customers, staff and materials


 Robyn Newham, design director