How to Reimagine

Begin anywhere, anytime, anyhow. 

Just begin.

Build in public.

Build back better, and reinvigorate democratic design.

Think at a higher frequency. 

Think about problems as opportunities.

Think diverse input, rich output.

Think about the short-term results and the long-term impact.

Design for your context, Africa.

Design for now, next and after we're gone.

Design new behaviours, instead of new products.

Design for long-life, loose-fit and low-energy.

Design for meaningful change.

Design for delight.

Create stability, as a foundation for innovation.

Create space for other people’s ideas.

Create spaces that reflect our society. 

Create transdisciplinary teams that reflect the people they serve. 


Let’s be led by new voices

Let’s let events change us 

Let’s let spaces flex with the ever-changing needs and wants of life

Make change intelligible and purposeful

[never random or scary] 

Make accountability real 

[it’s more than just lip service]

Sustain and propel those around you

Use design to start tough conversations 

Support the communities in which we live and work

Radically reduce material and energy use

Rise to the occasions, and the challenges

Be radically empathetic 

If not us, then who? If not now, then when?

It’s our time to reimagine.


Hardwood chair by James Mudge

Top left clockwise: Spiral Light Shade and Octopus Light Shade from Design Afrika, Muduziira ('warmth' in Shona) Floor Lamp made in collaboration with Wolkburg Casting Studios from The Urbanative, Aids Ribbon (2021) by Ben Orkin from WHATIFTHEWORLD Gallery, Clay bowl by Mandi Sandenbergh from Design Afrika, Still life for Flash Chair by Alex Coetzee for the Bluet Exhibition by KSSO Exhibition, Three-legged Oak Bar Stool in lime from James Mudge.

Top left clockwise: Persimmon slice fabric by Skinny La Minx, Woven Cacti from Moroccan Warehouse, Fabric triangle shape by Meeco Studio, Hardwood chair by James Mudge, Woven cushion from Design Afrika, Stacked Totem Side Tables from Design Afrika, Purple Rain table lamp by Joe Paine.