Step into the playful world of emojis brought to life in sophisticated, innovative room sets. Experience Popstrukt’s "Sweet Suite," inspired by the candy emoji, and the Lalegno Rumour Has It team's safari and modern glamping decor inspired by the feather and hut emojis. Witness how these talented designers, including Popstrukt with their colorful furniture, and Rumour Has It with their nature-inspired aesthetics, seamlessly blend digital culture with interior design. Culinary-minded designers Studio H, in collaboration with Woolworths, will be creating an interactive Farming for the Future display. Be sure to explore these unique spaces and see how emojis can transform your living spaces.

PopStrukt emoji (🍬),  Woolworths in collaboration with Studio H  (🍏), Lalegno in collab with Rumour Has It Interior Brand Architecture emoji (🪶), Lalegno in collaboration with RHi Curate emoji (🛖) 


Candy Emoji: 🍬 Sweet Delight

Popstrukt’s Sweet Suite, inspired by the candy emoji, features vibrant and playful decor. Known for their colorful furniture, Popstrukt integrates candy-themed elements in line with their Bon Bon and Sugar Cube ranges of furniture. This bright, fun-filled space showcases the whimsical side of interior design, inviting visitors to indulge in a visually sweet experience.


Apple Emoji: 🍏 Farming For the Future

In a bold step towards supporting a more sustainable future, and as part of its well-known Good Business Journey, Woolworths has launched a visionary Farming for the Future campaign, featuring an immersive digital experience, the aim of which is to encourage worldwide agriculture transformation.

Farming for the Future represents a pivotal moment in the journey towards a more sustainable food system, where every action taken today has the power to shape tomorrow.

Immerse yourself in the digital experience here: https://wooliesfarmingforthefuture.co.za/


Feather Emoji: 🪶 Nature’s Elegance

Lalegno, in collaboration with Rumour Has It and RHi Curate, transforms the feather emoji into a sophisticated safari and modern glamping decor scheme. Drawing on the feather's symbolism of nature's beauty, strength, and interconnectedness, the design incorporates earthy textures, patterns, and soft tones. Experience a space that celebrates biodiversity and environmental harmony, inspired by the delicate balance of ecosystems.


Hut Emoji: 🛖 Vernacular Charm

Lalegno, teamed with Rumour Has It and RHi Curate, brings the hut emoji to life with a bespoke design inspired by traditional African architecture. The space blends natural elements with luxurious touches, creating an immersive experience that evokes the rhythms of the South African bushveld. Discover how vernacular structures can inspire modern, curated interiors that honor cultural heritage and natural beauty.