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Real luxury is never superficial, but thoughtfully considered and graceful delivered. It feels engaging, exhilarating, and deeply personal. Welcome to the Lexus Designer Pods, featuring 4 of the top interior designers who were invited to participate in this exclusive showcase at Decorex Cape Town. Each designer got to test drive the latest Lexus models (RX 450h+ and RX 500h), and drew inspiration from their experience to interpret their vision for a unique space, filled with expression, texture, personality and a space that reflects their chosen Lexus pillar – expressing the Lexus core values.

Can a car brand make you feel?

Let’s show those rare, intimate moments where human and machine connect at the personal level —with each vignette connecting to one of the 5 Making Luxury Personal pillars (Authentic, Refined, Omotenashi, Engaging and Imaginative) By making luxury personal, Lexus authentically creates happiness in motion.

In collaboration with:

  • African Creations
  • Andy de Klerk Cabinetworks  
  • Art Lab  
  • Dr Boomslang 
  • Sawasdee Bonsai & Orchids
  • Ceramica 
  • Globel Granite CC 
  • Stone Alliance 
  • Sofas & Chairs  
  • Loomcraft 
  • Ticktin Timbers  
  • Wireworld 
  • SofaSushi 

Conceptual Narrative: Omotenashi

Omotenashi – the philosophy of Japanese hospitality culture.

The Japanese culture is deeply rooted in  their tea ceremony called “sado”,

The tea ceremony embodies the meaning of the word Omotenashi which means to be hospitable, mindful and anticipate what your guests want. Wholeheartedly looking after guests without pretence or hidden agendas. Omotenashi is also about attention to detail using the senses.  Preparation for a single tea ceremony can take up to a year, involving the meticulous selection of flowers, tea sets, hanging scrolls, and confections tailored to the season and guests' preferences.

I chose this pillar for my space as it resonated with me completely. I have grown my business for 16 years using the same principle, understanding clients needs and creating beautiful environments for them. My stand design incorporates the values I have learnt from Omotenashi, creating a space that reflects the Lexus RX 500h that I test drove for inspiration.

I found the drive to be very smooth, the car is so quiet. The Lexus is a beautifully designed car and I can see how the manufacturer used Omotenashi in the car design, from everything you need, from the latest technology to the incredible craftsmanship and detailing. The cars comes in various colours and I have chosen the “Nori Green” colour in the stand and will bring in greens with natural tones, with Japanese inspired ideas. The focus will be on the attention to detail aspects that I found the Lexus to have and bring it into my stand. The tea inspired ceremony, lighting and key furniture pieces will bring the stand to life whilst embodying the  principles of Omotenashi.

In collaboration with:

  • Lighting: Stephen Pikus 
  • Wallpaper & Fabrics: Romo Fabrics 
  • Furniture: Moorgas & Sons
  • Back Lit Mirrors: Architectural Glass Design 
  • Floors: Lalegno Floors
  • Floor Installation:
  • Art Work: Abe Opperman Gallery 
  • Rug: Paco Rugs
  • Accessories: IL Lusso 
  • Wallpaper Installation: Vivian Oliver 
  • Architrave Moulding Detail: NMC

Conceptual Narrative: Engaging

The Lexus RX 500h F SPORT offers an engaging blend of smoothness, luxury, contemporary style, and sportiness. Its form, silver metallic color, defined lines, and texture create a luxurious and seamless drive. The interior's spaciousness, elegant leather upholstery, and precise lines embody luxury in motion. My design goal was a timeless, luxurious, yet futuristic feel, highlighting the hybrid nature of the Lexus to emphasize both luxury and environmental responsibility.

Color Scheme and Materials

The exterior features metallics (symbolizing liquidity, flow, movement, and the future), while the interior boasts a neutral black base (representing sophistication and strength) accented with white (for purity and new beginnings). The materials used include natural textures, metals, velvets, vinyl, glass, and mirrors, creating a luxurious and environmentally conscious space.

Furniture Design

Furniture designs reflect Lexus' forms and lines. Sofas mimic the logo, and occasional chairs resemble the driver's seat. Coffee tables feature mineral and metallic themes with glass tops, and servers emphasize sophistication and elegance.

Overall Pod Space

The pod space is designed for experiencing, touching, feeling, indulging, relaxing, and engaging—a harmonious blend of luxury, sustainability, and style inspired by the Lexus experience.

In collaboration with:

  • Ampofo ceramics
  • Mokwe Carpentry Solutions
  • Sonae Arauco/Innovus Products

Conceptual Narrative: Refined, Meticulously Crafted

Car Driven: RX 350 F SPORT

Lexus sets itself apart with an uncompromising dedication to every detail. Every experience, from the visceral feel of driving, to designs that represent the pinnacle of beauty and refinement, is deeply considered and gracefully executed for the purpose of engagement and satisfaction. Rooted in an understated, humble, and respectful mindset, the result is human-centered luxury that emanates seamlessly from within.

Design Inspiration

 The Lexus RX 350 is a testament to meticulous craftmanship, blending luxury with precision engineering. Each element of the vehicle is thoughtfully designed and expertly executed, reflecting Lexus’ commitment to quality and attention to detail. 

The detailed grille design on the car is carefully constructed with intricate pattern and a perfect finish. The motif on the seats is similar to the one on the car grille, and the luxurious velvet material of the door side panels also boasts a subtle “L” of the Lexus logo. This is all in keeping with the ethos of “meticulously crafted”. 

The angular shapes that are repeated on the lights, the car grille and the area just below the light (which also borrows from the Lexus “L” shape) all influence the geometric shapes that will be applied in the pod. 

The design of the wallpaper borrows from the Bapedi tribe as well as from the “crisscross” pattern on the RX 350 grille. This is also extended to the furniture pieces we decided to use in the pod, as seen on the button detailing on the Chesterfield sofa.

The Sonic Copper, vehicle colour option inspired the colour scheme of the pod. This colour is repeated on the wallpaper as well as on the leather lounger.

The use of the leather lounger was also inspired by the reclining seats in the back-seat of the car.

The vehicle’s use of illumination, wireless charging as well as the reclining seats all influenced the set design which can be seen in the reading/relaxing nook equipped with a wireless charging station, the reclining seat, and motion activated reading light. This creates a responsive, human centred pod will have a contemporary, luxury, relaxing feel.

In collaboration with:

  • @home
  • The new Dimension Group

We designed our exhibition stand by embracing Lexus’s philosophy of “making luxury personal,” ensuring every detail reflects bespoke craftsmanship and individual attention. The stand’s layout encourages intimate interactions, creating a space where visitors feel valued and engaged. By blending sophisticated design with personalized touches, we create an environment that embodies the essence of Lexus’s commitment to luxury and individuality.


Utilizing an understated earthy colour palette that speaks sophistication and authenticity.


Hand-textured paint wall techniques lend the design a meticulously crafted aesthetic.


Thoughtful consideration was given to our furniture choices. Working closely with our suppliers of contemporary products. A style composed of minimalist lines, harmonious colours, sophisticated materials and precious details, in the firm belief that the quality of style improves the user experience.


Our pod captivates visitors through the innovative use of texture, creating an immersive and tactile experience. Each element of the stand is thoughtfully designed to invite touch and exploration, from the smooth, polished surfaces that exude modernity and sophistication to the rough, natural textures that evoke a sense of organic authenticity. We also showcase our past projects in large A2 frames that narrate the story of our work.


A striking use of vertical LED stripes, inspired by Lexus’s innovative technology.