Plascon Designer Pods

Decor, Level 5

Discover the vibrant use of color in interior design with room sets from top design studios, Living Inspired Interiors, Ndibali Interiors & GLE Interiors highlighting the 2024 Plascon Colour Palettes. Themed ‘Vibrant Harmony: A Collaborative Celebration of Colour with Plascon’, the room sets will see each of the designers selecting colours from the 2024 Plascon Colour Palettes and creating lively and immersive spaces that will showcase the diverse and dynamic possibilities within the realm of colour in interior design. Click here to read more on how to incorporate Plascon's harmonious blue into your home. 

Living Inspired Interiors 

Theme: Monochrome's meets natural warmth with Plascon 

GLE Interiors

Theme: Blossoming with Plascon, where transcendent beauty meets timeless elegance.

Ndibali Interior Design

Theme: Embrace exquisite craftsmanship in vibrant harmony


Nisa Willockx Interiors